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Companies investing in new technologies can find here economically and technologically interesting technology offers – being tested for marketability, of course.

To give you an overview about the bandwidth of our technologies being offered, we are pleased to present you a small part out of it.

Please inform us if you are interseted in one of our technologies. We are looking foreward to answering your questions and making more information available.

If you are also looking for other technologies, TEMACON can present you a technology offer corresponding to your specific requests.

Kyrozid-Process: For Clear Water

The newly developed two-component process by the German company of Kyrochem to manufacture chlorine dioxide enables a very efficient disinfection for water and drinking-water purification.

This process makes it possible for the first time to produce an aqueous chlorine-dioxide solution according to drinking-water laws without expensive plant technology. The breakthrough with this method for Kyrochem happened in the year 2000. Meanwhile, companies at home and abroad are customers and applicants. TEMACON arranged an exclusive license agreement with a Japanese chemistry company for production and distribution and arranged a co-operation with the Dutch company of Twinoxid International B.V. for worldwide distribution.

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Wood Refinement: Profound Application for Surfaces

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Viöl developed an extremely sustainable kind of wood refinement by means of plasma treatment. The procedure is based on electrical discharge of a plasma under atmospheric pressure, by which the wood surface opens up for paints and varnishes or glue.

Improved paint or glue adhesion as well as an increase of weatherproof are only some of the positive effects of this technology.
TEMACON carried on license negotiations for Prof. Viöl. In 2004 the wood refinement process was licensed to the company of Tigres Dr. Gerstenberg GmbH, Rellingen, Germany.

Greening System: Blooming Innovation

This professional-box-system "Blueman" shows: Many times simple ideas are the best ones… "Blueman" is a container that makes a seasonal exchange of plant boxes for a professional greening at buildings and on public places a child's play. Special irrigation elements guarantee a reliable and perfect function. Central automatic irrigation and fertilizing systems can be connected, too.

With this innovation "Blueman", supported by TEMACON, won the second place of the founders' competition "StartUp" in Lower Saxony and Hanover, and they were honoured with the innovation prize for gardening by the Ministry of Agriculture.


Paint Container With Integrated Device To Deposit The Painting Tools

Paint containers, especially tins for paints belong to a standard assortment of DIY markets. During painting a situation occurs that the tool (brush or paint roller) has to be placed because of a short working interruption. This often leads to dripping paints and pollution of the container or other objects. The new container has a special integrated device to fix a painting tool. After painting the device can be bent and drawn back into the container. Thus, container and other objects will remain clean.

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Plastic Pump: Well Delivered

This development of the Japanese Company of Kurosaki means a small revolution on the pump market: All parts being in contact with the media to be delivered are completely made of plastics. This pump does not need any shafts, sealings or ball bearings.

There is an enormous benefit by using this innovation for corrosive media, chemicals or beverages: Unwanted intermediate reactions with the pump material can be excluded once and for all.
This pump has been manufactured in small series for special applications since 2005. Now time has come for TEMACON to promote manufacturing and distribution in Germany and Europe.