TEMACON transforms innovative technologies into market success.

Our advising and service team from Hanover has been in the professional innovation management for more than 25 years. Together with our partners TEMACON has established a competent and international network consisting of enterprises, scientists and specialized lawyers. Nearly all technologies supported by TEMACON have been successfully set up on international markets. Since the foundation of TEMACON ini 1996 TEMACON has been coached respectively set up more than 50 technologies on the market. Here are some examples:

Encryption Prossor: Cracking Impossible
The idea of student Holger Sedlak was ingenious: In the 1980s he worked out the basics of a processor for an absolutely uncrackable encryption procedure for a safe and fast transfer of electronic data. Thus, the performance of the RSA-process could be improved by the factor of 10,000 compared to standard computers. Sedlak's encryption-processor became a success story: Up to date this processor is successfully in use on the global market, e.g. on banking cards or SIM cards for mobile telephones. TEMACON has supported Holger Sedlak from the beginning on in the fields of patent management and license negotiations.

Sanding Device: Security on Rails
The new sanding device produced by the company of NOWE, Elze, Germany, cares for more security on rails covered with ice and snow by using compressed air. Compared to old-fashioned sanding devices 80 per cent of sand can be saved. High reliability even under extreme weather conditions and an exact dosing of the sand amount are two more advantages of the innovation. The sanding device is in use in many European suburban trains and trams. It is registered by the German Railway (DB).

Greening System: Blooming Innovation
This professional-box-system "Blueman" shows: Many times simple ideas are the best ones… "Blueman" is a container that makes a seasonal exchange of plant boxes for a professional greening at buildings and on public places a child's play. Special irrigation elements guarantee a reliable and perfect function. Central automatic irrigation and fertilizing systems can be connected, too. With this innovation "Blueman", supported by TEMACON, won the second place of the founders' competition "StartUp" in Lower Saxony and Hanover, and they were honoured with the innovation prize for gardening by the Ministry of Agriculture.